Here are some examples:

If you re at the doctor s office it s better to combine the pain of waiting into one segment.

Do the Painful Things First

A delightful customer experience combines the painful experiences into a single segment that occurs early in the process and then improves over time.

However, if you decide to stack the pain early in your day—for example, if you pay your bills in the morning before you go to work and then read the email from your friend on your lunch break—you will remember your day as going from bad to good.

And when you remember your workouts as positive, it s more likely that you ll show up next time and workout again.

In the beginning, you may feel stupid while learning a new skill or frustrated while sacrificing current pleasure for a future payoff, but when you make the choice to go through the pain early, you get to enjoy the benefit of delight later on.

Using this strategy allows you to move toward happiness even when there are annoying or painful things you have to get done.

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