At 3300 pounds it s no longer a featherweight, and with dimensions that are nearly identical for a four-door Golf, it s not all that miniature, either.

While the classic Mini traits of spritely, engaging performance and quirky design still exist here, as the company s design focus continues to evolve with the market, it s not surprising to discover that they re largely relegated to the periphery now.

So it s through that lens that one must look at the 2016 Cooper S Clubman, a Mini which casts its net far wider than its core fanbase in hopes of reeling in a number of Mazda3, Ford Focus and VW Golf Sportwagen converts along the way.

Sure, there s a Sport button, three pedals on the floor and a turbocharger under the hood, but the Cooper S Clubman has clearly been tuned with comfort placed at a higher priority than corner carving.

In comparison to the Mini Hardtop the Clubman s suspension tuning is noticeably softer, with body roll and brake dive quickly beginning becoming evident on demanding roads.

The new Clubman, like most of the rest of the current Mini lineup, will likely find favor with buyers who re looking for a car with more personality than the alternatives but would prefer to forego the potential drawbacks in comfort and convenience that are inherent to high performance tuning, diminutive proportions and quirkiness.

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