We're not going to berate you for being wrong, because there's no denying that this rather odd structure looks exactly like a flying saucer stranded at sea.

Everything from its central bulge to flat outer disc screams UFO, which is, unsurprisingly, why creator Jet Capsule has called it an Unidentified Floating Object.

We can however assure you that the Saturn-like structure is strictly limited to the safe ish salty waters of planet Earth, and any resemblance to a giant collared R2-D2 going for swim is purely coincidental, and byproduct of your overstimulated imagination.

Well, a floating house to be more precise.

Apart from that though, there s something to be said for waking up to a glorious display of tropical fish surrounding your bedroom, before eating pancakes surrounded by the glittering emerald beauty of the ocean.

Granted, we ll be the first to cower below deck hugging our blankets and crying during a particularly nasty storm, but given that it s only a prototype and yet to hit Kickstarter at the time of writing, we can hold back those tears a little while longer.

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