But it will be both difficult to implement, and "completely useless", according to the procurer Swedish Grid.

Last winter, the government decided to extend the power reserve from 2020 to 2025, as the country's power situation is believed to deteriorate during a transitional period.

Recently, a decision was also the power reserve should consist of renewably generated electricity - not, as today, the old coal and oil-fired condensing power plants that are triggered when necessary.

It falls on the Swedish Kraftnät of environmental requirements in the contract.

But according to Swedish Kraftnät will be difficult to find renewable electricity to meet the requirements necessary to switch on a effektreservs durability and accessibility.

In a referral from last summer, when the government first proposed that the power reserve extension, writes the Director General Mikael Odenberg that "environmental requirements that prevent the procurement of condensing power would defeat the purpose effektreservens.

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