Lee one of 50 editors working at Deezer, with similar teams in place at Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play and other rivals.

Lee shows me his analytics dashboard, which shows the gender, age and geographical makeup of the audience for each of his playlists, from UK Represent Grime 2016 heavily male, young and British to 80s Anthems older and more international .

says Lee, whose metrics seem to be faring pretty well in the comparison.

But if I didn t update the Brand New playlist for a month, there d be an issue.

I ll sometimes end up in conversations where I say actually, I don t think it s acoustic afternoon, it s more fireside evening, says Lee.

Where artists would once have focused purely on print, TV and radio interviews, now they re also setting time aside to work with streaming services: from live sessions and video interviews to creating their own playlists with audio commentary or taking over the streaming service s Twitter account for a day.

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