Project Abacus aims to replace passwords and is expected to start trails soon

Google is stepping up its Project Abacus, which will make Android apps password free by the end of 2016.

Google recently announced at its I/O developer conference that Project Abacus is slated to begin trial with "several large financial institutions" in June.

The tech giant introduced Project Abacus at its 2015 I/O conference, where it explained the concept for the project and that it was inspired by the inability of most people to remember passwords.

However, it proposed analysing they way people use their phones, including they manner in which they speak, type, as well as their location to identify the authenticity of a user.

The company said that this would be more efficient instead of asking users to type in passwords, which are easy to forget.

Currently, most tech firms and even financial institutions incorporate the two-factor authentication method, which involves requesting users to input their login details as well as inputting an additional code or a unique PIN, which is sent to users via email or an SMS on their phones.

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