After all, it's hardly a new concept.

Perhaps he's trapped in mid-management between an executive setting his budget and end-users grumbling about the products he buys.

In ITSMA's view, ABM helps marketing and sales teams work together to build relationships with the key players in accounts which generate the most revenue.

Obviously, B2B marketers have long understood the importance of accounts, but have had to rely on outmoded tools to engage with them: spreadsheets, telephone conversations, random meetings at events, and email chains which may or may not be shared with the sales team .

Increasingly, however, marketing automation platforms have honed and launched ABM offerings, to take the pain and strain out of managing relationships with multiple accounts, and increase opportunities for personalization.

That assumes, of course, that ABM can be embedded in a marketing automation solution—indeed, Bobowski thinks MA is ABM's natural home.

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