The Hyperloop may help humanity travel great distances at remarkable speeds, but how should we sustainably get from point A to B in congested cities?

The bus may also help cities become more environmentally friendly.

Its size would allow it to replace 40 conventional buses and, since it s powered by electricity, the design would reduce fuel consumption by some 800 tons and carbon emissions by nearly 2,500 tons every year, chief engineer, Song Youzhou, told China s official news agency, Xinhua.

Song s design isn t new, however, and neither is the concept.

Treehugger reports that the idea of straddling buses was first proposed by two American architects, Lester Walker and Craig Hodgetts, in 1969.

The concept was ambitious, even by todays standards, including computer-driven vehicles, perpetual motion, and friction-free air cushion bearings as wheels.

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