A team managed to record speeds of 6 gigabits per second as they used radio equipment to beam data across a distance of 23 miles.

The world record was broken as the group transmitted data from the 45-storey Uni-Center in Cologne to the nearby town of Wachtberg.

These incredibly high speeds were accomplished through the use of the E band of radio frequencies, which is regulated for terrestrial and satellite broadcasting.

This is the only frequency range that offers up bandwidths capable of reaching such a transmission rate, according to documentation released in support of the findings.

Using transistor technologies supplied by Fraunhofer, the research team was able to achieve transmission power up to 1 W while maintaining a high level of amplifier efficiency.

Current internet technologies available to such locations require a heavy infrastructure investment, or rely on ground-to-satellite transmission, which tend to suffer limit bandwidth and high latency due to the extreme distances a transmission must cover.

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