From Tel Aviv to Palo Alto, New York to London, entrepreneurs have created in the last handfuls of years an eclectic arsenal of innovations that are already beginning to show their mettle in the battle against climate change, as well as their potential to help the bottom lines of a wide swath of businesses.

EcoScraps works by collecting food waste from grocery stores and wholesale produce suppliers, processing it and cycling it back to market as fertilizer.

In our interview, co-founder and CEO Daniel Blake commented that methane emissions — a prime concern addressed by President Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau in their recent climate change announcement — come heavily from rotting organic matter in landfills, which in turn can count for up to 8 percent of the greenhouse emissions that humans generate.

PK Clean s operations produce no toxic emissions and function as a continuous process — the reactor needed to transmute the plastic refuse is fed by the plastic itself, eliminating the need to wastefully heat and cool the system with every batch — so energy and money are saved.

Businesses and the atmosphere benefit alike from the transaction.

The exploding world of data-based innovation holds similar potential to benefit businesses and the climate change battle; my recent work within the world of Industrial IoT technologies, and the startup ecosystem as a whole, has allowed me to see this first-hand.

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