Microsoft, always up to some kind of side project or another, has released an app that brings news tailored directly to your work and interests.

Using a news-gathering bot called Rowe, "your personal news agent," News Pro aggregates articles across a variety of sites and brings you ones it thinks you'll find relevant.

Users can also sign in using LinkedIn and Facebook to boost the agent's scope, bringing you articles outside your usual interests that you may also like, as well as allow for discussion of the day's news with your colleagues.

News Pro is the latest project to come out of Microsoft Garage - a division of the software giant devoted to eclectic creations such as a customizable one-handed keyboard and facial recognition software for dogs.

iOS owners can get their hands on News Pro today from the App Store.

With luck, the News Pro bot won't go the way of Microsoft's ill-fated Tay - an AI millennial with a Twitter account that users turned into a racist within 24 hours.

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