If you start seeing long worm-like vehicles swallowing up cars on Chinese highways, don't be alarmed.

But in a country with over a billion people, even a mild interest in driving still equates to hundreds of millions of cars clogging the roadways.What's worse, emissions from all this traffic in addition to the heavy manufacturing that goes on in China has led to some of the worst pollution in the world.

In December, Beijing issued its first-ever emergency alert due to dangerous smog levels.The proposed straddling buses would be all-electric, travel approximately 40mph, and give seven feet of headway to cars traveling underneath.Song Youzhou, an engineer from the company leading the development, Transit Explore Bus, says the first tests on a life-size model could take place in July or August in the Chinese province of Changzhou.If the tests actually happen, it'll be the first time straddling buses become more than just thought experiments.

Spectators got to see firsthand just how the buses would straddle the existing highways on a specially designed track.Read the original article on Tech Insider.

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