Google has pulled the Asus-made $99 Nexus Player set-top box from the Google Store.

It s still listed on Google s Nexus website, but you can t get the Android TV device from Google s first-party online retail site, and it s been disappearing from other online retailers, too.The product is no longer available online from Asus, Newegg, Sling, Staples, or TigerDirect.

Plus, Google last week released a version of the third developer preview of Android N just for the Nexus Player.

But that said, supplies of the gadget are clearly dwindling.

Google introduced the product in October 2014 but opted not to come out with a new Nexus set-top box at its Nexus event in September 2015.Last week at Google I/O, Google showed off a new Xiaomi Mi Box Android TV set-top box and said more devices would be coming from RCA, Sharp, and Sony.

Google didn t say the Nexus brand would be used for those systems.Other set-top boxes that don t run Android TV — with its support for Android games and streaming content from several providers — include Amazon s Fire TV, the Roku 3, and the Apple TV.Last month the Nexus 9 tablet went out of stock on the Google Store.

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