It all started because Amy Karle wanted to grow her own exoskeleton.

But after experimenting with 3D printing bones during an artist residency program through Autodesk's Pier 9 workshop in San Francisco, she set her sights on something a little smaller and more intimate.

But both of those options raised safety issues, so she and the scientists settled for using human mesenchymal stem cells, extracted from bone marrow of course you can order human stem cells online .

Currently, Karle is culturing the cells, and the next step in her project will be to grow them on the hand trellis.

She's studied skeletal structures at the California Academy of Sciences in order to produce her own alien-esque vertebrae and skulls.

She has also grown crystals out of a lattice, in abstract imitation of what it's like to grow flesh on a tissue trellis.

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