Huawei is taking Samsung to court over 4G patents

Chinese tech giant Huawei has announced that it's taking Samsung to court in both China and the USA over the Korean firm's use of 4G patents held by Huawei Recode .

The study illustrates the complex chain of effects that widespread use of veterinary antibiotics can have, although Prof Tim Morris of the University of Nottingham School of Veterinary Medicine and Science told the BBC that "antibiotic misuse needs curbing for many reasons, and the findings in this paper are important where the drugs are being misused.

In recent months, El Niño has contributed to freak weather conditions including months of record average global temperatures and winter-time melt in the Arctic.

The spam campaign appears to have been successful and the inclusion of a number of old or dormant accounts leads security researchers to believe that the hackers may have been able to access them because the accounts reused passwords exposed in previous data breaches from other companies.

Valve accused of exploiting free labour, anti-trans discrimination

Valve Corporation is being sued for over $3 million £2 million by a former staffer who says that she was discriminated against and mocked by her supervisor following her surgical transition Polygon .

Promised earlier this year, the feature adds to the game's existing support for cross-play between PC and PS4 gamers.

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