Faception has already signed a contract with the US Homeland Security, yet experts remain cautious about the tech

An Israeli startup claims to have developed new facial imaging technology which can identify anyone, be it poker players, geniuses, extroverts, terrorists or paedophiles, just by looking at a subject's face.

Tel Aviv-based Faception has reportedly already signed a contract with US Homeland Security which will involve using the firm's facial recognition software to help identify terrorists.

Faception has, so far, developed 15 classifiers which the firm claims can determine personality traits with 80% accuracy.

The company's chief executive, Shai Gilboa, said: "We understand the human much better than other humans understand each other.

The Israeli firm claims to back up its results and technology by using "social and life science research", citing a study conducted by Edinburgh University that examined the association between personality traits and genetics by studying identical and non-identical twins.

Two of the firm's predictions turned out to be accurate, when they went on to be listed among the three finalists in the event.

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