A recent hack day event has seen the creation of a virtual reality Netflix store which allows you to pick virtual videos off of a virtual shelf and play them on a virtual screen.

The demo, called Netflix Zone, appears to be more of an experiment than a proposed feature, and is unlikely to make it to consumers.

The experience is an ironic one for Netflix, which was born out of a desire to save people from having to go to the video rental store by delivering DVDs to their home.

Vintage Blockbuster

The demo utilises the HTC Vive's room scaling technology, to allow the user to walk up to shelves of Netflix titles, and examining the boxes appears to cause movie-themed walls to rise around the virtual room and a projector screen to descend from the ceiling.

The user can then throw the video at the screen to start playing the title from within the virtual reality room.

The idea of watching movies in virtual reality has been explored before, most recently in YouTube's Snoopavision, where users could watch YouTube videos in a virtual cinema alongside Snoop Dog.

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