Meanwhile, sugar has become a volatile commodity: in the past year, prices have tanked over a dozen times before shooting up over 30 percent this month compared to a year ago.

It s been planning its own gradual separation from sugar for years—long before the FDA s new labels validated public health officials claims that sugar was a primary culprit for rising obesity rates in the US and abroad.

Then came Coca-Cola Life—the sage-green can that represented the company s attempt to capture the ever-elusive millennial consumer market.

As venture capitalists funneled money into startups churning out plant-based alternatives to animal products, Life debuted in the US with a fraction as many calories as regular Coke and most importantly less sugar.

That s thanks to a plant-based sweetener called Stevia, which has spurred a lot of excitement in the company.

We ultimately want to be leaders in the emerging segment, said Andy McMillin, vice president of Coca-Cola brands in North America at the time of Life s release.

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