When you exercise—particularly when you do really intense stuff like training for a marathon or lifting heavy weights—you re damaging your muscle fibers, which sometimes leads to that hurt-so-good soreness.

They might go for a quick run that ended up being eight miles; or do high-intensity interval training right after squats and deadlifts.

And this tends to lead to more self-sabotaging behavior binge-eating or falling off the fitness wagon completely .

The recovery part is necessary for you to keep up this cycle over and over again and be able to see those results in the long run.

As a result, your motivation and energy levels will get hit hard; you ll get lackluster or no results; you ll make yourself more prone to injuries; or worse, you ll start to see exercise as a chore.

ACE and many coaches advocate engaging in some sort of movement, but advise that it should be easy on the body.

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