Second, the firm unveiled an intelligent security bot that promises to simplify and streamline the work of corporate security operations.The company s announcement is well-timed given the burgeoning interest in bots, but CEO Slavik Markovich says the timing is coincidental and driven solely by customer need.

The average security analyst has to access three or four different products and follow perhaps 10 steps in order to identify and blacklist a malicious file, said Markovich.Demisto s bot addresses this challenge by integrating with more than 30 security tools from companies like Check Point and Carbon Black to provide a unified interface that sits atop their software.

Developing a sales and marketing team will be a primary use of the new investment.Based in Cupertino, California, Demisto s founders began work on their security chatbot in July 2015.

The positive feedback on our collaborative interface was an ah-ha moment.

The need for security analysts and the lack of workers with the right skill set can be addressed by chatbots like ours, said Bhargava.Available now as part of Demisto s Enterprise Security Operations Platform, the chatbot contains two intelligent functions with two more on the way.

This prevents two redundant tasks from being executed.

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