What do rival networks have going on?

Though we ve broken charges down by continent where possible, there are a few exceptions Tunisia being a constant thorn in the side where costs may be higher or lower, so it s always worth double-checking before you travel.

EE Roaming Charges

ee table

Unsurprisingly, things look a lot friendlier in Europe than they do elsewhere with EE much of the same follows below , with roaming figures in Africa, Asia and South America particularly high.

That said, EE offers innumerous talk-and- text and data add-ons tailored to individual countries around the world, which make holidaying a little easier on the wallet.

We ve left Africa out of the table above purely because there doesn t appear to be any sort of dominant pattern to follow, with the charges in various countries bouncing up and down more often than Steve Ballmer on a bouncy castle.

Oh, and by the way, Asia Pacific includes Australia, Christmas Island, Cocos Islands, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Tokelau.

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