Cloud Constellation s system, called SpaceBelt, would be a one-stop shop for data storage and transport, says CEO Scott Sobhani.

Need to set up a new international office?

Most computer gear in space today is more expensive and less advanced than what s on the ground, satellite analyst Tim Farrar of TMF Associates said.

A petabyte can already fit on a few shelves in a data-center rack, and each generation of storage gear packs more data into the same amount of space.

Any advantage that financiers could gain over competitors using fiber networks, which usually have a few seconds of end-to-end latency, would help them make informed trades more quickly.

Under the United Nations Outer Space Treaty of 1967, the country where a satellite is registered still has jurisdiction over it after it s in space, said Michael Listner, an attorney and founder of Space Law & Policy Solutions.

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