Today's the day to pick up a new smartphone, budget buyers.OnePlus, the Chinese phone maker that generates so much demand it has to make new phone purchases invite-only, just cut the prices on all its devices.The 64 GB OnePlus 2, the company's current flagship, now sells for $300 — $50 less than it did yesterday.

And if you're up for an oldie, the excellent OnePlus One now sells for $250.OnePlus makes great phones, with sleek "oven-baked" designs and powerful internals.

And the company uses "OxygenOS," a nearly-pure Android skin.

The OnePlus 2 is now by far the cheapest flagship device around, beating the Moto X Pure and Nexus 5x, which both start at $350, and coming within range of an older, refurbished Nexus 6.

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