After years of crash-and-burn growth met with copious scandals and user complaints, Reddit is getting back to basics and trying to scale like your average Internet company, albeit one that boasts around 234 million unique visitors powering 8 billion page views per month.

Instability everywhere

In February of last year, Weiner met over lunch with Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian just to chat about how things were going at each other s companies.

Soon Reddit would have quite a bit more to worry about than just the quality of their code and the growingly insurmountable amount of tech debt that was causing long-promised features like search and the ever elusive official Reddit mobile app to fall by the wayside.

Through a somewhat cataclysmic turn of events that followed the firing of Reddit Director of Talent Victoria Taylor, users went wild and moderators began shutting down communities on the site in protest.

CEO Ellen Pao resigned shortly after and another Reddit co-founder, Steve Huffman, returned to lead the site he had helped build in 2005.

What came from later conversations with Huffman was the formation of what Weiner frames as a very clear focus on paying down a lot of tech debt, building a great platform, starting to build products for our mods and users, and then starting on some of our crazier ideas — the rocket science that we re not to yet, but will be soon.

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