Kotaku is reporting a smaller Xbox One is coming this year ,and The Sams Report Petri executive editor Brad Sams first broke news about the Xbox Elite controller is talking about two Xbox streaming devices.

Both reports, coincidentally published on the same day, also discuss a more powerful Xbox console slated for 2017.Let s first focus on what s coming sooner rather then later.

The streaming stick will let you access Xbox digital content, including Xbox One games from your console so you can play them on a second TV using Xbox One controllers.

Full-blown Xbox One games wouldn t be available without streaming from an Xbox One console, but casual games that Windows 10 users can play would be.While all of the above is likely to be shown off at E3, we doubt Microsoft will unveil its more powerful Xbox next month.

The big picture here is that Microsoft wants to bring Xbox and Windows closer together, as part of a project codenamed Helix.

Games would have to be forwards and backwards compatible on both Xboxes and Windows 10 computers.Keep in mind that none of this is final until it is announced.

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