PayPal's Rob Skinner is pretty happy with his five-year old prediction that we could all be using a digital wallet instead of a physical one by 2016, but his thoughts have already turned to what the next five years will bring.

It was 2011 when Skinner and PayPal went public with the assertion that we could be using just our phone to pay for things within the next five years, and amid the arrival of payment systems from Apple and Google, you could indeed leave the house in many cities without picking up your faithful leather friend.

The obvious question, of course, is to ask what 2021 will bring to the world of consumer payment, and although Skinner is not yet ready to roll out the big proclamation, PayPal is already pursuing many avenues to ensure it remains at the heart of its market.

PayPal is a significant global brand, but a lot of its most important work goes on without people being aware that they are using technology owned or powered by PayPal.

"We are happy that PayPal is very well recognised and trusted... but equally the best kept secret is PayPal is behind the scenes powering so many mobile payments," says Skinner.

"The purchase of payment gateway tech company Braintree a few years ago was so important.

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