As E3 Expo approaches, it s looking likely that we re going to see another console war break out.

Earlier this week, Kotaku reported that Microsoft plans to release a more graphically powerful version of its Xbox One, which currently has the delightful code name Scorpio.

It s just that Sony and Microsoft now seem willing to accept that risk and push forward with more frequent, incremental console upgrades, dealing with those issues as they come up.

Of course, Sony and Microsoft would eventually start producing games that only functioned on the new systems, but the key difference is that they wouldn t have to do that until the new machines had already established a broad user base.

As more and more gaming content goes digital, you have an even stronger incentive to stay with the same platform because of the sheer monetary value you ll have built up in digital purchases tied to your account.

Both Sony and Microsoft now give players a monthly allotment of free game downloads, often very popular titles, if they subscribe to their premium online services PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold.

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