The search engine giant s entry into — and quick exit from — financial services proves one thing: Even with all the data and insights in the world, customer value is not based solely on price or convenience.

They are more informed, empowered and connected, demanding complete control when making purchase decisions.

Regulations designed to protect consumers from privacy concerns, fraud, malpractice, conflicts of interest or lack of transparency have the unintended consequence of making it difficult to connect in new, more efficient ways.

And with more than 13,000 health and medical apps available on mobile devices and through wearables, mainstream medicine will have to integrate itself further with the online experience.

In government, agencies are pursuing and promoting approaches to communication that will lead to increased efficiency and citizen engagement.

Instead, financial services, healthcare, and government have the opportunity to use insights gleaned across both physical interactions and digital channels and consolidated in a unified manner to truly understand and best serve the unique individual — rather than those with shared characteristics.

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