Max Levchin, your fellow founder at Paypal, told me back in 2007 you were concerned about the reaction, not in Silicon Valley, but among investors in your hedge fund from less tolerant places such as Saudi Arabia.

Let us run through a few examples so that people can actually read the articles you find so illegitimate, and make their own judgment about their newsworthiness.

Parker was stung more recently by criticism from his neighbors of the disruption to 10th St. in Manhattan when the street was dug up to get a Fios line to Bacchus House, the famous party venue where Parker had been planning to live.

Valleywag covered that story, as well as his lavish and controversial wedding in the redwoods near Big Sur.

Among the million posts published by Gawker and other properties since the company was founded, there have undoubtedly been occasions we overstepped the line.

You said you wanted to even the legal playing field for people without your resources.

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