The primary one for ecommerce stores is that it would be difficult, if not impossible, to maintain the HTML, beyond a few dozen pages, for a complete site.

In fact, since the early days of the Internet, people have used programs to help generate code for websites.

A visitor navigates to a page in her browser.

All of this happens in less than a second, ideally.

require 'sinatra'

require 'active record'

Setup the database

ActiveRecord::Base.establish connection YAML::load "database.yml"

ActiveRecord::Schema.define do

create table :products do table

table.column :name, :string

table.column :price, :decimal

table.column :description, :text

end unless table exists?

That is an increasingly viable option for companies that want to use a specific platform but still need to customize, say, 10 percent of it.

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