You will soon be able to 3D print all your medication into a customised super pill, if this latest research is anything to go by.

Scientists at the National University of Singapore NUS have developed a new technology that combines multiple pills of varying dosages into a single tablet.

The pills have time-release factored in as well, which means the drugs are released in the body in pulses rather than in one go.

View photosMoreAssistant professor Soh Siow Ling, right, with PhD student Sun Yajuan NUS

For a long time, personalised tablets has been a mere concept as it was far too complex or expensive to be realised, said assistant professor Soh Siow Ling – one of the researchers involved in the project.

Each component is a specifically designed shape separated by a polymer that will determine when the drug is released into the body and in what dosage.

The method essentially requires doctors to map out all the medications their patients need to take, the doses they require and the time they need to take them.

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