Dory seems excited for the released of "Finding Dory."

Real-life blue tang probably not so much.

Now that Disney knows the effect Finding Nemo had on clownfish, they should prepare for the effect Finding Dory will have on blue tang by doing their part to warn folks who see the movie," states an online petition that's gathered more than 60,000 signatures so far.

The Saving Nemo Conservation Fund says more than 1 million clownfish are taken from reefs every year and sold as pets thanks to the popularity of Finding Nemo, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

That means 100% of blue tang bought by and for Dory-loving children will come from the wild, and conservationists have no way of replacing them.

I really think Disney would not intend for their films to harm the actual animals their characters are based off, and adding a PSA at the beginning of the movie would be such an easy way to help prevent that, Kelsey Bourgeois, who created the online petition, tells Fox News.

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