This summer, Danish architecture firm EFFEKT plans on building the world s first off-grid village that would not only be able to produce its own energy but be capable of manufacturing its own food.

Dubbed the ReGen Villages, these innovative communities would help address a growing need for regenerative housing as populations across the globe continue to balloon.

The firm intends to start building an inaugural collection of villages in Almere, Netherlands, after showing off the concept inside the Danish Pavilion during the Venice Biennale.

ReGen Villages is engineering and facilitating the development of off-grid, integrated, and resilient neighborhoods that power and feed self-reliant families around the world, saidd entrepreneur James Ehrlich, author of a Stanford University research paper that led to the development of ReGen.

The time has come to redefine residential real estate development for the next three billion people coming to the planet.

Should the first batch of villages prove successful, it s likely other pilot programs will begin to take shape in countries like Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, China, and the UAE while also potentially popping up on the continent of Africa.

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