Authors like Greg Rucka with Michael Lark and Eric Trautmann and Brian K. Vaughan with Fiona Staples have been knocking it out of the sci-fi park with Lazarus and Saga, respectively.

A pair of tattooed Marines go back in time to stop him, but things start to unravel when their stealth plane materializes in a formation of B-17s in the skies above Berlin.

The rest of the first issue plays out in 1945, in which British intelligence officer Naomi Givens is tasked with finding out what just fell out of the skies of Berlin.

Don't read Archangel expecting boring, anatomically-impossible ladies in revealing outfits.

Having to wait at least a month for the next 20-odd pages is going to seem like an eternity.

Archangel evidently hit a chord, though.

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