Whether you re setting up a new home, planning a series of upgrades—or even assembling a sound system from scratch, in a sizable home or luxury apartment, no matter if your favourite music is Beyonce or Beethoven, a multi-room wireless speaker system needs to provide outstanding sound quality, style and convenience.

Christian Honegger, CEO at Tat Chuan Acoustic Ltd, which distributes high-end sound systems, including SONOS speakers and home entertainment equipment across South-East Asia says a latest trend in wireless multi-room music includes the ability stream from various music services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer .

Play: 1

Given that rooms in sizable homes and luxury apartments vary, Honegger notes that many multi-room speaker systems fail to take into consideration room size and acoustics, which is especially true for bigger homes.

Honegger says a good example of this is the versatile way a single player source can be stereo-paired, used with Play: 5 speakers for surround sound or coupled with a Sub to firm up the low-end range of acoustic sounds.

Using a single app, users can play music, change settings, use different sources of music and update software.

You simply unplug, move the device and plug it in again, says Honegger.

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