Such a new ecosystem would be necessary to develop the sector, the 5G is not interested in our leading operators.

Latva-aho believes that the internal-5G networks will revolutionize the whole operator business.

It is the first EU-funded pilot study 5G, which is a nice number of research institutions.

These attach to the wall or ceiling 5G-small base stations are installed in department stores and shopping centers an average of two per floor, says head of the research team Jyrki Huusko VTT.

Latva-aho Oulu, Finland, for example, the white owner of the property, belonging to the Cooperative Society Arina S-group could act as a micro-operator, who rakennuttaisi network and manage it.

New opportunities to offer media and entertainment services in addition to various digital infrastructure-such as factories of the future, hospitals, energy distribution and intelligent transport.

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