Google Photos is an excellent way to share and back up your photos and videos.

Announced at last year s I/O conference alongside Android Marshmallow, Google Photos offers users unlimited storage for images up to 16 megapixels and videos as large at 1080p.

If you happen to own a Google-branded Nexus device and find Google Photos limitations a bit too restricting, there appears to be good news on the horizon.

Android Police recently dug through the latest Android application package and found evidence that suggests images and videos uploaded to Google Photos through Nexus devices soon won t be subjected to the aforementioned quality restrictions.

As the publication notes, the highest quality Nexus devices currently on the market are only capable of shooting at up to 12.3 megapixels which of course is below the 16 megapixel cap.

It ll really be interesting to see if videos and photos uploaded from a Nexus device will qualify for original quality storage or just those captured with a Nexus device.

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