During my first year as hi-fi salesman I worked on my mother's gas station and used her trade license.

In a small village with 2000 inhabitants, I got all the faith in hi ... Then I expanded to Linn, Ariston, Heybrook others.

It rests on a single plate which in turn sits on a shaft of hardened steel, which is immersed in a teflon coated metal bearings for minimizing friction.

Tone arm hanging in Zircon-bearing and rests on a Japanese-developed bearings that is said to arm considerably freer movements.

The counterweight at the rear is also subdued, TPE, which is said to reduce resonances by 50 percent.

Photo: Pro-Ject


Pickup: Ortofon 2M Silver MM

Speed: 33/45

Tolerance: 0.10% 33 laps, 45 laps 0.11%

Wow & Flutter: 0.03% 33 laps, 45 laps 0.05%

Signal / noise ratio: -71 dB

Turntable: 300 mm

Stock: Stainless steel, bronze

Effective arm length: 230 mm

Overhang: 18 mm

Effective armmassa: 13.5 g

Piercing power: 10 - 30 mN

Dust Cover: Yes

Power supply: 15 V / 1.6 A DC

Power Consumption: 5.0 W

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