Atom-powered home kit so ISPs can pipe VMs into your house

Diane M. Bryant, executive vice president and general manager of Intel's Data Center Group

As predicted by The Register, Intel has created an x86-powered reference platform for home gateways that makes the box you use for broadband services an Atom-powered target for virtual machines delivered by carriers.

The multi-connection cocktail alone will put the cat among the pigeons in the home gateway market, a field in which many players specialise in one carriage standard or another.

"Being able to deploy on-premises applications is a far more efficient way than upgrading devices," she told The Register.

That hardware should, whenever possible, feed data to, rely on or integrate with cloud services running Xeons inside servers... lots of servers.

Consider the new Core i7 Extreme Edition announced at Computex.

Or to make sure that your VR headset doesn't get laggy delivering the video that was rendered and/or transcoded on a Xeon-infused video cloud.

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