A security exploit appears to have been discovered which allows smart devices mostly Android with Qualcomm processors to be hacked into easily.

Using a Nexus 5 smartphone, this user detailed "a chain of vulnerabilities that I've discovered which will enable us to escalate our privileges from any user up to the highest privilege of all - executing our code within TrustZone itself."

It's a place where a keys are stored that nobody knows save the system.

Android smartphones with Qualcomm processors can have their bootloaders unlocked more easily, unsigned images could be booted to these phones, etc.

Your encryption key is itself encrypted by the password you enter to decrypt your device your password decrypts a bigger more reliable password essentially , so if you don't have a very long and secure password, it is now easy to break FDE, as an attacker won't be limited by a limited number of password attempts."

Until we hear back from him and/or Qualcomm, we can only cross our fingers that the method being used this month has been patched.

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