SeedPlus, as the newest fund is called, takes it back to its early-stage roots with a hands-on approach to working with its portfolio.

SeedPlus is providing office space in Singapore to house its portfolio to enable its partners to work face-to-face with them.

In the case of companies based outside of Singapore — which principally means elsewhere in Southeast Asia — it will move them to the city-state and incorporate their businesses there to make Singapore their headquarters.

In all cases we ll be the lead investor or first institutional rounds.

We ve spent a lot of time looking at deep product and technology, so it could blockchain, AI or machine learning, or Saas or security — that speaks to our background and things we understand.

Jungle Ventures is arguably one of the stand-out investors in Southeast Asia, but SeedPlus is an interesting challenge since — to date, at least — there are few examples of companies with global reach emerging from Southeast Asia.

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