Stealth Falcon s recent attacks involve using custom spyware spread via social media to infect the systems of those critical of the UAE government

UAE journalists, activists and dissidents are being targeted with custom-made spyware by a cyberespionage group called Stealth Falcon.

We discovered this campaign when an individual purporting to be from an apparently fictitious organisation called 'The Right to Fight' contacted Rori Donaghy UK based journalist and human rights activist .

Circumstantial evidence suggests a link between Stealth Falcon and the UAE government," said Citizen Lab researchers Bill Marczak and John Scott-Railton.

Once installed, the spyware would then transfer data and send it to numerous command and control severs.

"Stealth Falcon is only the latest example of civil society-focused threat actors impersonating NGO's and journalists to conduct espionage operations.

The tactic has been used by a wide range of actors, including Bahrain's government, Packrat in Latin America, Iranian groups and China related groups, among others," the researchers concluded.

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