Berlin s Brandnew IO has a new influencer marketing platform that helps brands chase people who have become big on social media.In an age when user acquisition costs are soaring, and the effectiveness of ads is in question, marketing to people with a lot of social influence is in.

That frees the brands and agencies to focus on more important aspects, such as building influencer relationships and developing engaging concepts.Brandnew CEO Francis Trapp started the company in 2013, when the concept of influencer marketing was still fresh.

Brandnew IO works with influencers in 60 countries and handles anyone from small targets to big celebrities.

Using the Brandnew platform, brands and agencies can coordinate global or localized influencer marketing campaigns.

Product features include a vetted influencer network across 60 markets, the ability to onboard existing influencers to the platform, automated profile tracking, influencer analytics on engagement and audience breakdown, simple campaign setup, and influencer communication.

We particularly like that we can onboard influencers we already work with to the Brandnew platform to have an overview when planning new cooperation.

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