Tinder users in the U.S. have been enjoying the company s Swipe the Vote initiative, where they can learn more about the 2016 presidential candidates and the important issues gripping the country.

Edition wants to help people understand the European Union referendum, and the whole Brexit — a combination of the words Britain and exit — phenomenon.

Once you finish the survey and find out if your knowledge is that of a commoner or king, you can share your results, learn more about the issues, and seamlessly register to vote.

Tinder s original Swipe the Vote feature for U.S. users allowed people to swipe left or right on popular issues of the day — the results would match people with relevant presidential candidates like Sen. Bernie Sanders.

It also allowed people to register to vote for the fall presidential election, thanks to a partnership with Rock the Vote.

Edition comes days ahead of the voter registration deadline on June 7, so be sure to take part if you haven t registered yet.

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