In the best-case scenario, policymakers would incorporate self-driving car technology into their plans, rather than competing with it for market share.

Increased access to and from rail stations

Many people don t use public transit because there aren t any stations within walking distance of where they live, or where they need to go.

But the Morgan Stanley report cites research from the University of California, Berkeley, saying that many of those trips — taken when public transit is prohibitively inconvenient — would have otherwise been made in privately owned cars.

A taxi driver flies a Stop Uber flag at a protest in Lisbon, Portugal, on April 29, 2016.

Yet this may not diminish the cumulative impact over time.

This is particularly the case for drivers that bought into a regulated monopoly — such as that for taxicab medallions — with the expectation that the government would continue to enforce that monopoly, the report continues.

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