The Joint Committee on Human Rights has struck a conciliatory note on the proposed Investigatory Powers Bill IP Bill in a new report, claiming that bulk data collection is not incompatible with the right to privacy.

The committee, chaired by former acting Labour leader Harriet Harman, welcomed the introduction of a formal bill as a "significant step forward in human rights terms" as it would provide a clear legal basis for the powers that are already used.

The IP Bill, sometimes labelled with the derogatory term 'Snoopers Charter', is intended to provide the UK Government with new abilities to legally conduct surveillance on citizens, including tracking online activity.

The Government claims that the new powers will help it prevent terrorist attacks.

Theresa May recently agreed to a review on the proposed bill, which will be led by the government's reviewer of anti-terrorism legislation, David Anderson.

Overall the Bill has attracted significant criticism, including from the Intelligence and Security Committee, particularly over a lack of clarity in the definitions included in the text.

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