Smart mirrors: And here's one we made earlier... Microsoft

It may be a while before you walk into a shop and pick up a smart mirror – but if you really can't wait, Microsoft has open-sourced its own build specifications so you can create one yourself.

When this is switched on, you can see the display through the glass.

"This person is likely on a time crunch, wants to be well-prepared for the day and is interested in updates, but possibly doesn't want to be barraged with info before they're fully awake.

Microsoft suggests placing more important info at eye level in smart mirrors

Mirror, mirror

The mirror can also be linked to Microsoft's Cognitive Services artificial intelligence AI platform.

Specifically, it leverages the company's Face API, which gives the mirror facial recognition abilities.

After setting up a profile and sending a picture of yourself to the Cognitive Services database, you'd be able to step in front of the mirror and get a personalised display showing the information based on your preferences.

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