London's still quite new mayor Sadiq Khan has gone live with another one of the ideas he was saving up for when he got the job, this time suggesting spending £20m on sticking loads of light bulbs on all of the capital's 17 cross-Thames bridges.

This is art, says Khan, with the city's operators given the job of finding artists and architects to offer options on how the bridges can be turned into permanent street exhibitions.

And it's OK, it's not all being paid for out of council money that might be better spent on sweeping up kebab cartons and syringes or teaching children how to use iPads; the Illuminated River Foundation, a privately funded charity, is picking up most of the £20m bill.

Mayor Khan said: "It will throw a spotlight on the river and its banks, and extend their daytime bustle and buzz into the darker hours, supporting London s burgeoning night-time economy.

A dazzling, free outdoor art gallery for Londoners and all of our visitors to enjoy would encourage new investment and promote our great city to the rest of the world."

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