Microsoft has revealed its design for a magic mirror that can display all your important notifications as you brush your teeth and use facial recognition to read your mood.

The mirror was first previewed at Microsoft s developer conference earlier this year, but the company has now expanded on the idea in a new blog post, as well as confirmed the technical specifications to build the mirror are readily available to all.

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The Magic Mirror is comprised of a black LED screen displaying white characters that sits behind the mirror.

Powered by two Raspberry Pi micro computers, Magic Mirror can then be programmed to offer a personal greeting as well as a round-up of the key things you need to know for the day – email, weather and traffic reports.

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Not only that, but using Microsoft s Cognitive Services and facial recognition technology, the mirror will be able to tell who you are and present personal information based on your profile.

Should anyone want to attempt to build the mirror for themselves, Microsoft confirmed that it has made all the source code and building instructions available on GitHub – the online repository.

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