In what might be the most delicious collaboration of all time, Instacart is joining forces with the Food Network to help you cook like Bobby Flay.

Thanks to Instacart s new integration with the Food Network s web tools like the Recipe Box and Grocery List, you ll be able to plan meals and have Instacart buy all the necessary supplies.

Whereas Instacart previously focused on simply doing and delivering your grocery shopping, this latest move puts the service head-to-head with more on-demand meal preparation services that send not only fresh produce and vegetables, but provide the directions for how to turn your pile of ingredients into a delicious meal.

Now, you ll not only be able to browse the 500,000 recipes available across Food Network s websites, but you ll also also be able to seamlessly add ingredients from a recipe to your Instacart shopping cart, purchase them from your favorite store, select a delivery time, and let an Instacart Personal Shopper do the rest.

Last month, Instacart announced a partnership with personalized nutrition service PlateJoy, helping consumers buy groceries specifically tailored to their health goals.

If you re looking to try out the latest Food Network partnership, you can check out the three trending recipes the delectable channel recommends for a summer gathering.

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